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Step by Step

6 May
















Marina Mode Adds

11 Apr

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logo on shirt MM 2

logo MM lisa

Marina Mode presentation Feedback

28 Feb

Having presented my slide show on my project (Marina Mode, brand bible) i got feedback from my lecturer Mary and my class mates.

I was told i have too much information on every slide, i was told that perhaps i should have less information on each slide and spread it out evenly so i could add more slides if needed even though we were specifically told to do 6-12 slides. My font size should also be bigger so its easier to read.

I should also include influence as in typography rather than fashion and style, what have i been looking at.

So far i was told i have good work towards branding guidelines but i need to look into annual reports rather than a catalogue which i was thinking about doing for my second piece . I am still not convinced about the annual report but perhaps i will change my mind once i do further research into it.

I was told i need to explain my choices such as colour format, why have i chosen to use them 5 specific colours etc.

My 2nd waypoint is due in on 19th March so i have until then to make these changes or to add more to my presentation slide show.








Presentation and feed back

27 Feb

Today i presented my presentation to the class and got feedback from classmates as well as my lecturer Mary, based on my feedback i will be able to improve my work in time for way point 2.

1Intro to brief

2Introducing marina mode



ideas and response to the brief




more experiments

Aesthetic and technical


11Where will this project take me

Along with this i also explained a little about my project to the class so they would have a clearer understanding of what i was doing. i started off by explaining :

1) For way point one i will be producing a brand bible/ branding guidelines book, this is basically a set of instructions and guidance on how the brand will be put together.

2) I chose the name Marina Mode as i wanted the brand to be personal to me, Marina is my middle name as well as my mothers first name so its very relevant to me. I liked the alliteration of the MM so that was a plus. I also tried to relate this to the tagline which i will explain in the further slides. My target audience are women aged 15-25 and the brand/ clothes are based on special events.

3) An example of some of the events: wedding outfits, valentines day, first dates, anniversaries.

4) another example : a holiday shot. I tried to keep the photo editing to a minimal as i want the models to look natural. As im appealing to a young audience i would not want to deceive their perception if beauty. I think it is very important for the target audience to relate to the brand and by having natural models it will show the target audience this is an achievable look.

5) My response to the brief was by doing lots and lots of research to get be some initial ideas, once i finalised the brand bible idea i made mood boards so i know what i have to do and made inspiration boards to get a sense of the style and tone of voice of the brand.  I made myself a timeline so i make sure i stay on track and by giving myself specific tasks each month i can make sure i stay on target (which so far i think i am on).

6) I started of by researching brands that already exist to see what has and has not been done before. i looked at similar brands, style and target audience as mine such as new look, monsoon, river island and Lipsy. I was unable to get existing brand guidelines/ brand bibles seeing as its a brand personal information, however i got the chance to see the brand bible for Very, i found this very useful to use as an example as i was slightly unsure of what a brand guideline was before looking at examples. I also looked at MediaCom brand guidelines which helped me incredible. This made me realise i need to go in more depth about the way in which the brand has to be put together, for example how the logo can be used, what colours are used for what, where and how will the tagline be placed.

Also the fundamentals of branding helped me think more about my target audience, brand values and unique selling point. I also took the size of the brand bible in to consideration and came to the conclusion  i did not want an ordinary A4 sized book so i chose to customise the size to 17cm x 30cm. This size i believe looks very elegant as its a rectangul shape, this i believe is sleek and elegant matching my brand.

7) I did lots of experiments for the logo, page layout, and typography as shown in the examples above. It was literally a case of try everything and go with the flow, although i have done lots of research i wanted to experiment for myself rather than go with what other brands have done.

8) More experiments- i did these experiments as gift card ideas. I played around with a little bit of colour but i wanted to keep black as the dominant color to match my main original logo.

9) I mainly used Photoshop for this project to create everything and i used InDesign to place the pages together and look at the page layout. All photographs are taken by me, i feel as thought collaborating in this project was not a for me as i wanted to have my name on all the work.

10) I have included some instructions on how the logo should be used, for example colour, and size. the tag line and how it should be places. The tagline is ‘look a million, dont spend it’ this brings attention to the price range, based on the target audience who are young and possibly students they will be on a budget so it is important for the clothes to be at an affordable price.

11) i did this project as it was a good chance for me to try something new and demonstrate my skills in logo design, creativity and photography as well as typography and layout. This project will also be a good portfolio piece.

Chapters for my brand bible

5 Feb

1 chapter

Chapter 1:

  • Unique selling point
  • Brand personality
  • Tag line

chapter 2

Chapter 2:

  • Accounts/ our offers
  • Shopping experience/ personal shopper
  • Pre-purchase, purchase + post-purchase experience

chapter 3

Chapter 3:

  • Target audience
  • Tone of voice
  • Brand values

chapter 4

Chapter 4:

  • Colour scheme
  • Typography
  • Logo

Marina Mode- Brand Values

4 Feb

Trust- keeping our promis

Fun- The Marina Mode experience is fun for all!

Entertainment- Here to put a smile on your face

Passion- for the products we offer and for our  customers

Quality- Best quality clothes

Value- good value for your money


Brand Values

Marina Mode- Our lovely shoppers

1 Feb

Our customers:

They love fashion, love shopping, always look forward to events to show off those new frocks ! Our customers know how to mix and match clothes ( for those who cant, MM is providing an easy how to guide).

Our customers enjoy nights out and the best part of that is getting ready with the girls, helping with each others hair and make up and giving and receiving  advice on the latest fashion. The preparation is just as fun as the actual event !

An example of the layout for the brand bible: