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Essay structure

13 Dec

Acknowledgments- 50 words.

Introduction– just under 400 words, will add to this in dissertation.

Photoshop sweeps the world– 200 words.

Point one: Different generations are effected by the use of manipulation with in advertising in diverse ways. 510 words.

Psychology of the young female mind- will incorporated this in the dissertation

Point two: Maybelline advertisement influence women’s identity- 450 words, will add to this in dissertation

Point three: The beauty industry has become dependent on photo manipulation. 300 words, will add to this in dissertation.

Ethics– 100 words, will add to this in dissertation and will focus more on the ethics of using Photoshop.

The future of retouching and the future of beauty- Will be included in Dissertation

Consumer awareness- will be incorporated in the dissertation

Banned advertisements- will be incorporated in dissertation with a close focus on a specific image (shown at the end of this essay)

New guidelines, Photoshopped images must come with a warning clarification- will be incorporated in dissertation.

Further research will be done on– 300 words.

Summary and conclusion- 320 words, will add to this in the dissertation.

Reference list: I have started this but will incorporate it in the dissertation as I feel it is not essential for an essay.

Bibliography– will add to this in the dissertation


Feed back on my dissertation poster

19 Nov

I attended my group tutorial today in which we all got feed back on our recently handed in dissertation posters. I was told the appearance of my poster was good, the image was well manipulated. I was told my introduction was good but i should have mentioned identity. my dissertation is based on the impact PhotoShop has on women’s identity yet i had not made that clear in the introduction. I think this is a fair statement and i agree with this. I was told the same for the summery and conclusion, i should have mentioned identity and how women are affected by it.

For the rest of the paragraphs i was told i had pretty much placed the information in the wrong sections, for example i had placed my questions in the table on content section and a few other errors where made, the only reason i find it difficult to take this in is due to the fact that i spoke to my lecturer a week before hand in and showed her my work,  i was told ‘keep doing what you’r doing, im not worried about you, your fine’. Having heard this i assumed my work was ok, although changes were made with in that week, the changes were mostly on the appearance of the poster rather than the content as i thought it was fine (having been told that).

I am slightly disappointed with this feed back as i feel i should have been told this before my deadline/ hand in.

Whilst in my tutorial i made notes on my feed back as well as everyone else’s to help towards my dissertation.


  • Do not say ‘I, we or me’
  • Primary research is not recommended
  • No question marks in essay or dissertation, we are meant to be answering the questions not asking them.
  • All images must be referenced or they will be considered stolen.
  • For essay stick to two or three questions and go in to them in detail and you can include the rest of the questions for the final dissertation.
  • Explain further research will be done on . . . for dissertation.
  • I need to focus on identity more.
  • For conclusion, what is it I actually want to find out.
  • Don’t use the perm pros and cons.
  • Reference everythinggg ! !

Final Dissertation poster

13 Nov

Please click on the image below to get a closer look.



I am happy with the final appearance of my poster; I think it portrays the Maybelline look I was aiming to get across, with the use of colour (the pink and neutral tones representing skin tones and make up) and the similar typeface as the Maybelline logo used on their advertisements.

I chose to make the left side of the page the natural side, the font is basic, the background squares are plain white and the left side of the models face has not been manipulated at all. On the other side the right hand side is very clean cut and organized. The font has been spread out evenly, the background has been given a hint of colour and the background squares have been given a white and black edge to make it look sharp.

Poster image: Natural V PhotoShop

13 Nov

Here are a few screen prints i made along the process of completing my dissertation poster:

Please click on the individual images to get a closer look.

I noticed even tho i had PhotoShopped one side of my models face to an extreme level it was not that noticeable. when i covered one side and then the other i could see a clear difference so i thought maybe i should have the image split, the manipulated side from the natural side and see what i come up with.

I think this looks much better, it’s almost as though they are two different characters rather than the same person but i think it  works.

Making a start of my poster

6 Nov

At this point i have most of the information what will be included in my poster so i am now working mostly on the appearance of the poser. It is based on Maybelline so i should stick with natural tones.

The screen shot below was a starting point so i wanted to experiment with different colours. Originally i wanted to have the poster black and white with some pink but having experimented with it i have now changed my mind with the black background.

here are a few screen shots:

In the image below i chose a similar font to the Maybelline tittle so without even reading the poster information, it was clear there was a resemblance or connection to Maybelline.

I thought it would be interesting to have a few images on the poster rather than have all text so i decided to design a Photoshop Day cream tub. to go along with the image i am planning to have in the center of my poster. I plan on having a close up image of a model (in this case my close friend) and have half of her face looking natural with maybe a little bit of make up and the other half with make up and extremely PhotoShoped skin, eyes, eyelashes and more. I think this image will portray the point i am trying to get across.

Although the thought of writing a dissertation is slightly frightening, i am very excited about my chosen subject as it affects me personally and this project will help me towards the career i aspire to get in the future.

Whilst telling Sharri about my poster ideas she recommended rather than just have a before and after on the image i could also have the 6 boxes starting off slightly messy getting neater and neater as it goes to the right hand side of the poster. I think this is a great idea and i have made a start experimenting with this as shown below:

My choice of colour was based on make up colours (foundation, lip gloss, blusher)

Please click on the following image to see close details.

Group Tutorial with Sharri

5 Nov

I was slightly worried about my chosen subject before showing my lecturer (Sharri) my proposal, as i know photo manipulation has been done so many times. I did not want to do something that has been done over and over again. That’s the main reason to why i narrowed it down to Maybelline rather than doing make up advertisements in general. Once i showed Sharri my proposal and poster drawing/plan she was supportive. she liked my idea and told me to keep on doing more research so i would be ready to start my dissertation. This tutorial helped me as i asked a few questions i was unsure about and it made me feel more confident with my chosen subject.

There are two reasons i chose this subject, the first reason is that i want to work in the photo manipulation industry in the future, i would love to work with images that will be seen by the public but before i do so, i feel it is important for me to know and understand the impact that will have on people. The other reason for my dissertation choice is that i personally use Maybelline make up myself, i find it over priced but when i look around and i see beautiful images on women with perfect skin and long eye lashes i have to buy their product. Deep down i know its PhotoShoped and i know i wont get that result but i still fall into their trap.

Proposal Poster idea.

4 Nov

Whilst filling in my performa sheet i was researching in to advertisements, i knew i wanted to do something to do with Photo manipulation as that’s something i want to do in the future, so i thought i would keep it relevant enable  for me to one day look back and find this dissertation useful for future career opportunities.

‘Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s PhotoShop’. i got that from a make up advert by Maybelline only in the original advertisement it says ‘maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline’

I find Maybelline advertisements are a triple threat, they hire some of the most beautiful models, they wear make up and they are airbrushed. But the thing that i believe to be most harmful is the PhotoShoping. Even the most beautiful models have the odd spot or wrinkle that even make up can not cover but Photoshop can. Real women need to know that its ok not to be perfect.

Banned advertisements for excessive airbrushing:

My tutor (Sharri) advised me to pick another topic as photo manipulation has been done too many times and i do agree with that, however i feel that in order for my dissertation to help me in future careers i have to stick with manipulation as that’s what i find most interesting. I want a career working with models, in the fashion industry and make up advertisements so i feel as though i should keep it relevant.

I have a tutorial with Sharri tomorrow so i will be going over my dissertation proposal to see what she thinks.