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Final book + Evaluation

28 Apr

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Having Finished this project i am happy with the final outcome. My favorite thing about the book is the front cover as it gives of the fun creative look i was going for. Having spoken to Mary before handing in my book she picked up on a few things i could have done better, for example the post cards were too big, i made them A5 to go with the rest of the book but looking back on it i should have made them smaller.

I had step by step instructions for the windmill and simple instructions for the paper jewellery so the audience can follow the steps and be interactive with the book, Mary also noticed there were no instructions for the boxes, however my target audience are young teenage girls and i believe teenage girls will not need instructions on how to make a simple book that is why i felt there was no need in including box instructions. the windmill was a little more complicated i believe so thats why i made it more clear on how to fold it and included step by step images to go with the instructions.

In the back of the book i included tracing paper, glitters and textured paper as mentioned before, this will give the target audience more to work with. I cut out pages at the back so i can make a slot for the glitters to go into, once the glitters have been used up that space would work well as a hiding place for the audience to hide their belongings. (teenage girls can hide their love notes etc)

A big problem i came across was cutting around the jewellery, i went to a crafts show and bought a perforator but when it came to cutting i realized the perforator ripped sections on the paper rather than scoring it to make it easy to rip out. I think that perhaps i should have gone out of my way more and maybe used a laser cutter. Although this project had its ups and downs i really enjoyed making my book and i found it fun especially the front cover and my hand drawn designs. The cover is a vexel painting i did on PhotoShop  and the text ‘Paper Crafts’ i hand drew and scanned it in.

The reason i added the red ribbon at the end is to make sure all the paper inside stays in place, although i stuck everything in when the target audience opens everything up it can get messy with paper bits everywhere but by using the ribbon they can just pack everything away neatly without bits of paper falling out everywhere. I also thing the ribbon adds a nice final touch.


Printing and final touches on my book

24 Apr

Having finished my book on PhotoShop and InDesign I saved all my pages on my USB and headed to Staples to print. They gave me an estimate price for how much it will all cost and it came to around £24. The price would not be a problem if they provided exactly what I wanted but they didn’t. They had a hard back folder I could put my work in once it was printed but they only had that in A4 (I needed A5). I then went to the uni library where I tried using my own paper but they didn’t turn out so good as the paper was glossy on one side and the ink made a mess in smudging everywhere. Having tried this and failed I went down to the media print room at uni and spoke to Nigel, he gave me a rough estimate of £35 for my 35 pages I needed to print but that was more expensive than staples and that did not even include binding or hard back or anything! My last solution to this problem was to go down to the copy shop in St Peters to see what they had to offer. My estimated price for the 35 pages was £11.80 so I went ahead and asked them to print it for me. They also offered to bind it for me and provide a see through cover before the front page. After all that I am now very excited to see the final product!  (Pick up day is tomorrow)

Whilst I was in the printing shop I remembered about the sequence I wanted to include in my book. I was trying to think of a way I could include that, originally I thought I could have a cute box with the book inside it along with the sequence tracing paper and decorative paper but then it came to me! I could have a slot at the back of the book, I then asked the guy at the shop to include 7/8 extra plain pieces of thick paper at the back of my book. My idea was that I could cut out a square or rectangular shape into the paper and slot in the sequence. (This is difficult to explain so I found an example to help make sense of this)




My final touch now is to buy a perforator and cut around the paper jewellery and around the post cards so they are easy to tear out without ripping. I can include the tracing paper and textured paper at the back of the book and to stop them falling out I will tie a ribbon around it, this will not only help keep the paper in place but it will also look pretty and tie in with the whole teenage girl look.






Stock Images in my Paper Crafts book

24 Apr

I really love and admire William Morris’ work, he created some inspiring prints. I wanted to give my book a certain look so i thought by using Morris’ prints i would succeed in achieving the look i was aiming for.

Here are the stock images i used to help create my Paper Crafts Book:















What My Book Includes

20 Apr

As mentioned in previous posts i have changed my book from paper jewellery to paper crafts which will enable me to include much more than jewellery.

my book includes:

  • Hand drawn designs that can  be traced around and colored in
  • Two different styles of paper jewellery
  • Two different styles of boxes you can make yourself (by folding and cutting)
  • Paper wind mill
  • Post cards

As well as this the book will also include :

  • Tracing paper
  • Colored and textured paper
  • Glitter and sequence


Here are a few examples:


Box template:



Hand drawn designs:


Instructions and examples:





windmill templates:



Post cards:




Organizing everything on InDesign

18 Apr

Having designed all the pages individually I have just put them all on InDesign to arrange what page goes where. I am finding InDesign really usefull at this point as I would have struggles to be so organised without it. When I first started this project I was planning on doing between 10-20 pages and it was going to be based on paper jewellery only but thinking about it I realised instead of having a paper jewellery book I could have a paper crafts book and that will give me the chance to incluse more than just jewellery (plus 20 pages is not much for a book). When I put everything on InDesign that’s when I realised how much I have actually done, including the front and back cover I realized its 69 pages. I am now starting to think that is a little too much but then again I want to include as much as I can within it. I might go back and take out some of my favorite designs bbut will have to see how it goes.


Here are a few screen shot of pages on InDesign :






Cover ideas and fonts

16 Apr

I created this cover by drawing the fonts and then scanning them in, the drawing was done in vexel style on PhotoShop.


Front cover:


Back cover:

I decided to make my own font as i want to give the book a hand make look.

Here is an example:

More Ideas

15 Apr

Whilst creating my book on PhotoShop and InDesign I realized I was creating more than just paper jewellery, I will be including post cards and hand drawn images that can be traced around. This made me rethink the tittle of my book. Rather than calling it ‘paper jewellery’ I thought of ‘paper crafts’. I Think paper jewellery limits what the book will include. ‘Paper crafts’ is just an example as I think it is not that exciting so I will be thinking of something along those lines but perhaps more unique or personal.

Having thought about the fact that this book will not be limited to paper jewellery,I then recently got another idea. I can make little box templates for the jeweller  to go in or be used as gift boxes for presents.